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What Are You Playing For?

Every business has risk, and every risk needs to be managed. Your opinion and emotions around risk will vary depending on your position, role, and personality. This is ok. The problem comes when you approach risk with the wrong mindset. Playing to win…or playing to not lose. Some people want to win while others hate […]

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Now FM Dashboard Looks Great No Matter Your Screen

Facilities managers jobs are becoming increasingly more mobile. With travel schedules, stores to visit, and meetings to attend, you may not always be in front of your computer. That’s why we have been working hard to make sure you are connected to your facilities work orders, locations, and assets no matter what screen you are on. […]

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I Bet You Won’t Take This Challenge

Most of you will read this and never do anything with it. Don’t worry, that’s ok. For those of you who do try it, guess what? This is the exact principal we used to decrease a customer’s average invoices by over 30%. It’s called Parkinson’s Law and it’s POWERFUL. Parkinson’s Law is the adage that […]

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Focusing on the Right Things

What are the metrics that truly matter to your facilities program? You can create a report for any and every imaginable combination of data you collect with today’s technology. The question is, “What is worth tracking?” The answer to this question varies. First, define your goal. Second, only pay attention to the data that matters. […]

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3 Predictions for the Facilities Industry

If you have been paying attention to news about the economy, you may have seen some information about new construction and housing starts on the rise. And … since you are most likely affected by the lack of skilled labor, you know this issue is affecting our industry. Our job as a facilities maintenance technology company is to […]

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Before and After

Learn how FM Dashboard helped a 13 location restaurant chain optimize its facilities program.

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3 Reasons To Create Your Facilities Department Now

There is a multitude of reasons to go ahead and get organized when it comes of facilities. Here are 3 of those reasons.

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Is The Facilities Industry Asking The Wrong Question About Data?

The facilities industry is buzzing about data. But, are we asking the wrong questions? Is our focus in the wrong place. How can we get the most from it?

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Why You Need Facilities Maintenance Processes

We see it all of the time. Facilities maintenance is not generally seen as a direct cost to a chain’s product or brand. The result is it does not get the attention it deserves and facilities maintenance processes never get put into place.

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It’s The Helpful Who Win

Here is the one thing I notice about people and companies at these types of events: It’s the helpful who win.

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