What Are You Going To Do With That Data?

Storing data in your maintenance management software is not enough. Learn about how FM Dashboard automates your data to find trends for you.

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Let’s Talk About Automation

The hard part of automation is to admit there is work you do that anyone is able to do. But, imagine what you can do with the extra time.

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21 Questions For Setting Up A Facilities Issues System

A list of questions to get you started thinking about your work flow for handling facilities issues for your retail or restaurant chain.

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old dashboard

3 Reasons To Start Your Facilities Maintenance Program Now

Is your company simply reacting to facilities issues as they come up? You are wasting time and money. A facilities maintenance program will help you.

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get more done

Batch and Automate To Get More Done

Are you tired of feeling like you have an unrelenting stream of work coming at you? Want to know the secret to get more done?

Two words: Batch and Automate

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out of gas

7 Reasons You’ll Hate FM Dashboard

Instead of making a list of all the reason you will love our application for facilities maintenance work order management, we decided to get together and make a list of the reason you will hate FM Dashboard.

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Introducing the Facilities Maintenance Savings Guarantee

FM Dashboard guarantees a facilities maintenance savings of 15-30% per year for qualifying restaurant and retail chains.

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Why Are Facilities Apps Stuck on the PC?

If the workforce is mobile, if they are using mobile tools and working mobile jobs, why do facilities app creators keep their workflow stuck on the PC?

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day at the beach

What Do You Even Do All Day?

Urgent tasks keep you from performing the important tasks. So…you need to know what’s important, and what’s merely urgent. Then, you need to prioritize.

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lose control

Don’t Let Your Facilities Department Get Outsourced

At FM Dashboard, we believe the best run facilities departments are managed in-house. There is nothing wrong with hiring a consolidator or a contractor who subs to local contractors on your behalf. However, forfeiting control all together is problematic.

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