Top 3 Objections for Not Using NTE’s

NTE’s are an incredibly valuable tool for effectively managing a facility maintenance program. Still many chain stores are leery of implementing them into their program. These are the top 3 NTE objections and misconceptions about NTE’s.

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nte basics

NTE Basics – How Using Not To Exceed Amounts Can Help

An NTE or not to exceed is a valuable tool for controlling costs. When used properly, and NTE will help you save money, time, and create room for your contractor to give you a more quality repair.

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too busy

What To Do When There’s Too Much To Do

Facility Maintenance is busy. There are those days, weeks, and seasons where work keeps coming at you. When you can’t seem to catch up.

What happens during these times? How do you keep up?

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contant improvement

Value – Constant Improvement

We are firm believers that complacency kills innovation. New companies don’t have to worry about this. When you are new, everything is exciting. You don’t have to manufacture energy or put extra effort into going above and beyond. You just do it.

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why are we doing this

Value – Why?

Problem solving and logic are the 2 most valuable skills we look for in team members at FM Dashboard. Honestly, these skills are far more important than industry knowledge or experience.

This is why: Great problem solvers don’t get hung up when they have never done something before. They figure it out.

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design is imperative

Value – Design

For some reason, the enterprise software industry forgets this. Spend 5 minutes looking around the internet. Most software companies don’t even show you screenshots of their product.

They would rather hide behind a “value add” sales process.

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Value – Fun

People like working with fun people.

Every business or organization has a personality. Usually it develops organically because organizations tend to resemble their leader.

If a leader is serious. The organization is serious.

If a leader is stubborn. The organization is stubborn.

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Leaders Serve

Value – Leaders Serve

The most successful companies are the ones who figure out how to be the most helpful.

I believe this statement in the core of my being. As a customer service leader I preach this to my team on a daily basis. The better we help others, the more business we earn.

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Doing Things Differently

We Don’t Need Another Maintenance Management Software

We need a new kind of maintenance software.

CMMS is all over the place. You can get it virtually hosted in the cloud, self-hosted, from enterprise companies, SaaS companies. We don’t need another one.

So why are are building FM Dashboard?

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Vision for the Future

What is FM Dashboard?

FM Dashboard is going to change the way our industry thinks about maintenance software. From new computer programming technology to an automation based work flow, we are committed to finally bringing facilities maintenance professionals a powerfully simple work order management software.

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