You have anywhere from ten to hundreds of pieces of equipment at each of your locations. Each one has a warranty.

So when something breaks, how do you know if it’s still covered? How do you know who to send the repair request to?

How do you keep track of if all so you don’t end up spending more on facilities and equipment repairs than you should?

We can help you. FM Dashboard is the best tool for growth-minded, multi-location businesses.

Imagine alerts telling you your equipment is still under warranty before you dispatch it?

Imagine automatic notifications letting you know a warranty is about to expire or that a piece of equipment has been repaired too frequently.

Imagine having all of the information you need about your contractors, work orders, locations, and equipment, in one application that’s designed to automate your work flow.

FM Dashboard can help you.

What makes FM Dashboard different?

FM Dashboard is not a tracking software. It’s an automation software designed to give you the information you need about your facilities and equipment when you need it.

Why wait until the end of a reporting period to find out that your hot water heater at your high volume location had 2 repairs done on it within 2 weeks?

Why dig through a spreadsheet to figure out which warranties are expiring soon?

Why keep a separate list of contractors when you can see which of your vendors can service your location, plus see their rates at the time you are making a decision?

FM Dashboard is not a management software. It is an automation software.

It’s the maintenance management application for restaurant and retail chains who want to save money and time while keeping control of their facilities department.

Human error leads to costly mistakes.

FM Dashboard completely re-imagined facilities maintenance software.